A magnificent Trio- Wellness Hotel, Sauna, Black Forest

A hotel with sauna in the Black Forest is nothing extradordinary. But the Reppert offers pleasant warmth in various nuances. Sweating, refreshing, relaxing- the perfect ambiance for every need. Classic saunas, steam baths or various warmed-rooms- which one would you like to try?

The Caldarium? 
The combination of high humidity and moderate temperature. Favors the circulatory system and relaxes the muscles. The Odorium? A sented inhalation bath with selected essential oils and herbal extracts. Or the Tecaldarium? A room with thermal radiation with healthy oils from the aromo therapy.
  • Tepidarium, 35 °C
  • Odorium, 37 °C - 40 °C
  • Tecaldarium, 37 °C - 60 °C
  • Caldarium, 60 °C
  • Herbal Steam Bath with saltwater inhalation, 47 °C
  • Softsauna with Cedarwood, 60 °C
  • Altholzsauna, 85 °C
  • Finnish Sauna, 85 °C
  • Infrared Cabin with black forest silver fir wood
  • Ice Well with warmed benches and foot bath